Prism User Agreement

6.3. You guarantee that you have disclosed all the facts in their entirety and agree that this Utilization Agreement and all transactions related to this Use Agreement are not valid if you do not meet this requirement. 5.4.3. use interactive services in a way that is intended to harm or harm you or other users of the site; or end-user licensing agreement (“EULA”) is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single unit) and MEGAN KELSEY PHOTOGRAPHY LLC for the PRISM PRESET SUITE software products mentioned above, which may include associated software components, media, print media and “online” or electronic documentation. By installing, copying or otherwise prism PRESET SUITE, you accept the terms of this ALC. This license agreement represents the entire program agreement between you and MEGAN KELSEY PHOTOGRAPHY LLC (known as the “licensee”) and replaces all previous proposals, assurances or agreements between the parties. If you don`t accept, don`t install or use PRISM PRESET SUITE. 7.3. If you are a registered user of the site, you can receive notifications from us via email. If you don`t want to receive emails from Prism, you can change the way you receive your communications on the site or you can call our contact center. 1.1.5. “website,” websites with a address or a website with a URL registered with Prism. 14.3.

No breach or delay in the exercise of any of prism`s rights is considered a waiver of its rights and does not affect the validity of part of this user agreement. 7.5. You agree that all agreements, communications, communications and other communications that we make available to you electronically meet all legal requirements that communications must be made in writing. 5.1. If you use the site, you must keep your access data (including your username and password) confidential and not allow other people to use it. You also take full responsibility for any activity that takes place under your access data or password and you take responsibility for the release of your username and password. You can only use one account. If you use more than one account, we can cancel access.

4.1. We may change the terms of this user agreement at any time. We advise you to familiarize yourself regularly with this user agreement. FULL AGREEMENT. This agreement contains all the understanding of you and GraphPad as to the purpose of this Agreement and replaces all other previous or concurrent communications, agreements, insurance, warranties or advertisements regarding user software and documentation.

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