Film Investor Financing Agreement

Our PPM film template is designed for filmmakers (and legally required) who want it: moviegoers know that the chances of winning are slim, even inexeciable, but they still want to be sure that their money will be managed in the best way. However, this is your film and you want to make sure that you have control of your project. With the Film Investor Agreement, you can prove that you know what you are doing when it comes to film financing. Investors trust you not only as filmmakers, but also as an entrepreneur. It is important to submit to your investor a professional film investor agreement that sets out the basic conditions to protect both your money and your film. You`ve prepared your film business plan, you`ve talked to filmmakers, and you think you`re about to receive your funding. The likely next step is for the investor to apply for a film investor contract before moving on to the elusive “independent film financing” review. So how do you make sure there`s nothing between you and an interested movie investor? One of the possibilities is the use of a film investor contract. We use a simple revenue withdrawal model in our current business plan template. We also offer three other options for Waterfall distribution in our film financing manual, as well as this visual graphic that shows how a $30 million movie pays its money back into the net profit producer`s pool (thank you Producer`s Guild)! We highlight barrier rates, producer net profit, deferred talent deals, incentive and more. I`m sure you`ve already tried Google and were looking for it.

I know that`s not what you`re hoping for, so I apologize in advance. I`ve seen far too many deals/contracts that go to fraud without bad intentions, but because filmmakers hope to save a few hundred dollars by not hiring a lawyer. For example, Adam Sandler wants to be in your movie, but you can`t pay his price, so his agent asks you for points. You then offer him a percentage of your share of 50%. These “points” only come from you, because one investor`s share is only shared with another investor. Many investors offer them less risk, but also a lower reward. It is important to explain in the agreement that the filmmaker (producer) has exclusive control and authorization over all creative and financial matters in production. The investor does not buy the project from you; It is simply an investment opportunity for them. You or the LLC are the owner, the main decision-maker and own 100% of the film. If we have independent films, it`s because we don`t have studios and “financiers” who tell “creative people” how to do their job. If they are not members of your LLC, passive investors have no say in the budget or how you want to spend their money. If your friend thinks you can create investor contracts yourself, she knows the temples or guides you need to follow.

Obviously, your friend won`t do the work for free for you, but they might point you in the right direction if asked. Perhaps you could give us a list of the DIY investment agreements that your lawyer recommends. It will help us all. Be sure to indicate what the investor participation is…

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