Agreement Cakes

Making cakes is a serious business. And as with any business, there must be formal agreements between you and your customer. A happy occasion can quickly become ugly if all the details are not well defined. Hello Rose, first of all I would like to thank you for all the information that is very useful. On the other hand, I need advice on how to calculate my friends` cakes and wedding cakes say I`m too cheap, but if I raise my prices, I would probably lose customers, it also bothers me that I sometimes work 8 hours on a cake for little money, when other places ask for much more and have more customers. I work well and very well (what people say) I have a Facebook page, “SWEET caramelo”, if you want to check and give me comments or advice, would be very grateful. Thanks cakes can sometimes earn furnishing or stacking costs. These fees are usually flat-rate and apply to cakes with more than 2 stages. These Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to the use of CAKE`s web-based application software, packaged professional services, off and online products and support (a “Service” and, together, the “Services”), which are set out in one or more order documents signed by the parties, including any exhibition (an “Order” and, together, the “Orders”).

These Terms and Conditions and all orders (together referred to as “Agreement”) represent the parties` entire understanding of the Services and have control over any other documents or arrangements. In case of opposition between these general conditions and an order, the conditions of the order take precedence. Hello How do you address a person who does not buy cakes while serving, especially when they just go according to size and appearance? As a customer himself, when I ask for a particular book or topic, I just want to see how talented the baker is, when I have the money and ask for the price of that particular cake, just give me the price! It is up to me to accept the agreement or not. What do you think? 17.11 Comprehensive Agreement. This Agreement and all orders and all announcements or schedules referred to in this Agreement constitute the complete and exclusive statement of mutual understanding of the Parties and supersede and terminate all prior written and oral agreements, communications and other agreements relating to the subject matter of this Agreement. . . .

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