Which Is True About The Prompt Agreement

Fill out the Alexa Speech Prompt section with your prompts. The app you want to install searches the web for the latest updates. By clicking on “I agree”, you authorize the application to automatically check for updates on the Internet and install them. A context can be used as a context handler, in which case it calls close() at teardown. default: The default value used when no input is made. If this is not the case, it will be requested until it is canceled. auto_envvar_prefix – the prefix of automatic environment variables. If it is None, reading from environment variables is disabled. This does not affect manually defined environment variables that are always read.

confirmation_prompt – asks for confirmation of the value. If the separator is set to None, which means that the spaces are split, the start and end spaces are ignored. Otherwise, head splinters and subsequent splinters usually result in the confinement of empty elements. confirmation_prompt – if set, the value must be confirmed when prompted. For PlanMyTrip intent, you can have confirmation prompts like this: it must be able to handle the setting and context that are not. This may be the case if the object is used with prompts. For more information about how delegation works and examples, see Delegate the dialog box to Alexa show_choices – Show or hide choices if the type passed is a selection. For example, if the type is a day or week selection, show_choices is true and the text is “Group by, then the prompt is “Group by (day, week):”. A reminder to run when the command is triggered. It could be None, in which case nothing happens.

Adds a –version option that immediately terminates the program by printing the version number. This is implemented as an enthusiastic option that prints the version and exits the program in the callback. You can control the order in which Alexa requests each required slot value. This order appears in the Intent Locations section of the Intent Details page. Set a set of prompts to get this confirmation from the user. .

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