Server Maintenance Agreement

For each of the ICT contracts on the server above, please send me the following types of data: On request, we also offer proactive server monitoring that automatically detects hardware errors and transmits them to our Service Operations Center. So our technician with the right spare part is with you before you even notice the error. Increase system availability and enjoy smooth activity with this service. Avoid the overbought trend. In the past, overbought support was often a way of life, a way to cover these unforeseen “just in case” scenarios that help employee administrators sleep better at night. Instead of dealing with the confusion and the terms of the contract, most companies would choose the highest level of service they needed and then put all the systems under those contracts. This has made things much easier and allowed organizations to make quick decisions. This era is largely over, especially for small and medium-sized stores that work on a shoe ring. Today, the goal is to choose the right level of service for each machine (or group of machines) wherever you can. For example, it`s probably not a good idea to buy a 24/7/365 response hour for a development server that is already down three days a week. Switching to Third-Party Server Maintenance Contracts Another issue is systems that simply cannot afford to be replaced during this update cycle, but whose support expires and is no longer available until they can be replaced. Many companies are postponing the replacement of systems that still meet performance requirements, but are at the end or end of the original manufacturer`s support availability. Third-party support may be the only option for these systems, as providers tend to make support on older systems too expensive to encourage trade.

The server self-maintenance option What to do with server maintenance themselves? In most cases, this is the least attractive and least reasonable option. Servers that have their support life behind them are generally much less modular than current systems and have an additional challenge in the age and rarity of parts. The decision to purchase a second working server as a source of spare parts is generally questionable from a financial point of view, but the most urgent issue is who and how these parts will be installed. When it comes to old corporate hardware, you can`t just turn the road to Radio Shack for a new Mezzanine cable. Most system administrators would be very unhappy with the additional responsibility in production environments and would only do so as a last resort on very old equipment. On request, you can also enter into a software maintenance contract with us. Our software department includes the following activities: As IT budgets are increasingly controlled by CEOs and CEOs, IT managers have less capital available to replace aging servers or to retain existing servers. At the same time, suppliers looking for ways to improve the sale of new hardware products often increase maintenance and support costs on aging servers. This is a challenge for computational centre administrators. Do you find a way to support your aging servers while getting the best value for your dollar on all your service contracts? This is the “all you can eat” server support package that includes all the services of the above support maintenance contract as well as unlimited on-site support for this server in Auckland. The cost is $199 per month and we will also provide 20% off the work (after your agreement) for all other work on the server, z.B. a new hard drive installation or storage upgrade.

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