Online Store Vendor Agreement

6.4 The seller hereshes, confirms and acknowledges that the product is the property of the seller and that the company is only an intermediary for the sale of the seller`s product, so that the company is not responsible/responsible for the product, its design, its function and its production of terms and the sale and financial obligations, guarantees, guarantees, guarantees. The company reserves the right to report disclaimers on its website/online page. However, there are situations in which the contract can be terminated permanently before the expiry of the term. The termination clause provides for cases in which the parties can terminate the contract. The right to terminate the contract is granted to both parties. We may establish a standard termination clause on behalf of the company as follows: To establish a good agreement, it is necessary to collect certain information from the parties to the agreement. This information helps insert mutual understanding and agreement clauses between the two parties, minimizing the chances of future litigation. The response to these following queries would help to achieve the objective of the agreement: 3.1 The Company will make the payment on behalf of the seller for orders received through its online site. Based on the services provided in these presentations, the company charges the seller the service fee at the listed prices ($5.15 for the first $100.00 or 5.15% above $100.00).

“customer”: any natural individual, group of individuals, companies, companies or other companies that, via the online site, places an order for the seller`s products. 5.1 The supplier accepts and acknowledges that the company has the right, at any time during the continuation of this Agreement, to delete/block/block/delete texts, graphics and images uploaded by the provider to the online page if the text, image and graphics violate the law, violating one of the terms of this Agreement. In this case, the company reserves the right to delete/close the supplier`s online site without delay, without any mention or prior liability to the Seller. 1.7. “online shop” refers to a virtual electronic shop created on the telebuy online shopping portal for the sale of the seller`s products, either through a company website, or through another gadget or instrument, which indicates the seller`s products available for sale or other means by which the customer determines the circumstances under which the seller and the company entered into the agreement, and the background information of the agreement is mentioned in the original clauses of the agreement.

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