Metal Lease Agreement

5 Essential Elements of a Lease – Accounts The most common form of leasing is not allocated Both parties hold accounts on the same clearing bank Accounts can be located in different jurisdictions two of the most common sites in London and Zurich Different sites may be relevant if the metal is converted to an account allocated as opposed to the leasing of precious metals a quarter of a century ago , which includes central banks, Bullion banks and mining companies, the current reincarnation of absurd and manipulative practice only concerns JPMorgan and the unlucky banks that JPM implies in borrowing gold and silver and is too short. At least, that`s my catch. Having focused on JPMorgan for more than a decade, I am both dismayed but not surprised by the audacity and audacity of what must be the greatest criminal who ever participated in gold and silver. You can`t use rented gold, but you have to go to the market to buy everything they want to turn into jewelry and have an interest bill to fill! Monetary Metals` gold and silver leases are structured as a real personal property rental right. It is the same type of lease that you could incur with other physical assets, such as an apartment or a vehicle, to use Mr. Butler`s examples. Mr. Butler seems to believe that this is not possible with precious metals. We were leading to differentiation and have a growing track record of successful leasing contracts in our portfolio. This basic difference leads to several other differences. Why did I take this walk in the precious metal leasing trail? Because the animal came back from the dead, but this time with another purpose and another intention. Before I get into what drives the renaissance of precious metal leasing, let me give myself the opportunity to explain why it is inherently fraudulent and why many cannot see fraud.

Again, I do not punish anyone who does not see it, for I have only confessed that it took a whole decade to understand it. Mr. Butler is right that “leasing” seems to be a bad choice, whatever the word for it.

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