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Baja California

Listed by UNESCO and praised by conservationists and oceanographers, Mexico’s Sea of Cortes is right up there as an eco-travel hotspot. Sea mammals, birds and biodiversity reign supreme.
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Tauck ms Savor

Tauck of the Town

This stalwart US travel brand have been around for nearly 90 years. Now they have big plans to expand their river cruise portfolio with new ships and itineraries. Just what does Tauck have to offer?
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Bentley Mulsanne

You have arrived

Nothing makes an entrance quite like a Bentley. And with 377kW from a 6.75l twin-turbo V8, that arrival can be quite brisk. But just what do you get for $800k in the sublime Mulsanne super saloon?
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India’s other holy river is a veritable highway through history. Carving a swathe through rich plains in West Bengal, it traces the British Raj and Hinduism through grand manors and ornate temples.
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Neighbourgoods Market Johannesburg

South Africa

It’s been nearly 20 years since apartheid was dismantled, so just what are the so-called ‘born free generation’ doing in the new South Africa. Explore the revived Rainbow Nation and discover why and how.
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The comeback city

Once the ‘arsenal of America’, this 20th Century industrial powerhouse is transforming itself into a modern centre of art and innovation. Can heavy  metal Detroit reinvent itself for the 21st Century?
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India India – Tea and Tigers

Assam is a remote province even for India. Tea drinkers, temple trampers, wildlife spotters or river cruisers; travel with us as we motor slowly along this historic waterway aboard the authentic RV Charaidew. [query]

Japan Japan – Breathtaking Pearl Divers

The mythical women divers (amasan) are real. A centuries-old tradition of free-diving for shellfish and pearls is fading fast as new recruits dwindle. Romanticised in literature and art, the ama are living folklore. [query]

Borneo Malaysia – Heads Up

Another remote river, this time the mighty Rajang River of Sarawak. Visit Iban longhouses and ports once the domain of the British Raj. The new RV Orient Pandaw is a delightful throwback to the 19th Century heyday. [query]

CatalinaUSA – Catalina Island

Santa Catalina Island, or just Catalina, is 22 miles from LA and billed as “a world away.” A popular stopover for cruise ships and historically a playground for the rich and famous, Catalina is full of stories. [query]

Thailand Thailand – Bridging the River Kwai

We know the legend of the famous bridge and can whistle the tune, but what is the real story of the Burma railway? Rod was a guest of the minority Mon people from Burma in their floating river camp. [query]

Samoa Samoa – Ready to Rebuild

Samoa needs our help. After the tsumani disaster, the little island state needs tourism dollars to rebuild. Want to spend you travel budget usefully? Visit Samoa. Lots of story angles


Australia – Quickest Mapped Route

To drive a modern supercar is every boy’s dream. Now you can make it happen without all the hassles of ownership. The Supercar Club let’s you live the life. We carefully tested a sampling of the high octane steeds. [query]

NimbinAustralia – Rainforest Way NSW

Next time you’re on the road between Sydney and Brisbane, slow down and take a detour. Byron Bay, Bangalow, mystic Nimbin and the lush Clarence Valley is ready to welcome travellers with time on their hands.[query]

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