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The Berne Convention followed in the footsteps of the 1883 Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, which had similarly created a framework for the international integration of other types of intellectual property: patents, trademarks and industrial designs. [21] With the rapporteur`s agreement, I would like to present it to you. The didactic nature of the communication would be reinforced by the political agreement enshrined in the Council resolution. You must have read the reports on the agreement between Russia and Germany saying that it surprised the world. I hope that the social partners concerned will reach an agreement. You must establish an agreement between you and your partner and send a copy to the Swedish Institute before making the transfer. We recommend using this model: agreement for the transfer of funding. The ACAA consists of a framework agreement and a number of annexes within the meaning of the above. Cooperation projects are large-scale projects that should include knowledge exchange, capacity building or method development. We advise you to apply for this type of grant in order to scale up a project that has already received seed funding. You and your international partner can apply for a grant of up to 12 months or a maximum of 24 months (from the date of grant). For a 12-month grant, you can apply for up to SEK 500,000. For a 24-month grant, you can apply for up to 1 million SEK.

The right to operate may be granted by the Agency if there is no agreement between the parties that I have the honour of confirming my government`s agreement with the above. The written agreement also contains the other essential conditions of the contract. The contracting parties agree on all other consequences of dismissal. We have therefore taken into account, during the conciliation procedure, the fact that most of Parliament`s amendments have been the subject of consensus. On this last point, I see that we agree. Together, we have reached an excellent agreement and I am pleased to congratulate you. The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, also known as the Bern Convention, is an international copyright convention that was first adopted in Bern, Switzerland, in 1886. [1] Prior to the Berne Convention, copyright laws remained uncoordinated at the international level. [19] For example, a book published in Britain by a British national would be protected by copyright, but could be copied and sold by anyone in France. The Dutch publisher Albertus Willem Sijthoff, known in the translated book trade, wrote in 1899 to Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands to oppose the convention, as its international restrictions would stifle the Dutch printing industry. [20] UI Briefs are short comments on international topics, events or trends related to user interface focus areas. IU documents are working papers and similar manuscripts that report on the results of research on the priority areas of the IU.

Both publications are written by IU researchers, guest researchers or other researchers who wish to publish with UI. It is a program to support international projects. It is open to Swedish organisations and their partners in our destination countries who, through the media or art, are working to strengthen democracy, human rights and freedom of expression. It offers two types of scholarships: Creative Force Africa, Asia-MENA is funded by a government`s international development strategy that supports the sustainable development agenda`s goals for 2030. Currently, the strategy is only available in Swedish. (d) exchange rates and interest rate instruments, including products such as swaps, futures, etc. At this table, I will ask for your agreement on what has been proposed. The EU`s external action is set out in Title V of the Treaty on european Union and Part 5 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFUE).

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