Fta Master Agreement

SFY2020-21 5311f Intercity Bus Program – 2nd Call for Tenders – June 2019 State of NH FTA Funding Information for FFY 2020 (Last update: 04/02/2020) Please contact NHDOT for more details. Information is usually sent separately to authorized recipients. SFY2021 Section 5339 Bus & Bus Facilities Capital Program The ESTV also publishes Circular 4220.1F, which summarizes only the purchasing rules contained in the framework contract. Note: All FTA grant recipients must sign the annual certifications and assurances and confirm that they have been awarded the FTA framework contract. Here is the confirmation form: Framework Contract Acknowledgement of Receipt SFY2016-2017 CAPITAL REQUESTS Application document (only 1): You will find a summary of all current NHDOT grants/procurement on the NHDOT purchase site. Latest FTA Levies **INCLUDES CARES ACT**: SFY17-SFY19 Grant Award Summary: Transit Grant Summary For more information on grant awards, please contact NHDOT Public Administrator Fred Butler at frederick.butler@dot.nh.gov. State of NH Funding Information for FFY 2014 – FTA Apportionments Discretionary Grants 5339 (b) Bus Program and 5339 (c) Low or No Emission Program Skagit Transit Purchase Orders refer to the federal clauses on the reverese side of the Purchase Order (PO) as well as other standard terms that can be found here. For each purchase, orders can be issued with an additional appendix containing the full language of the federal clauses or another additional contractual language. Suppliers interested in Skagit Transit`s FTA-funded contracts must review and consider the federal requirements contained in tender documents, generally referred to as “federal clauses.”

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