Drain Build Over Agreements

If you live in an area where LABC does not use the protocol (Cumbria, High Peak and Tameside) or if your certified inspector has not signed up for our protocol, contact us directly via our “Build over enquiry form” (PDF 576 KB will be opened in a new window). This should be WastewaterDeveloperServices@uuplc.co.uk The fee for this agreement may be more expensive, usually $100 or more. It also requires that your property be assessed before and after the project, which means you must conduct two CCTV-Drain surveys. Since Thames Water is legally responsible for the maintenance of these sewers and sewers, construction agreements are in place to ensure that these elements have been taken into account in the design of your proposed foundations. We saw a case where the owner assumed that the contractor had handled the Thames Water Build over Agreement, while the contractor assumed it was the owner. This confusion resulted in a four-week delay in the work, while location studies were conducted, plans were drawn up and Thames Water Engineer visited the website. How much does the app cost? It depends on the size of the sewers and whether your property is residential or commercial. Diameter Property Type Price Class 1 Up to 160mm (6)Housing 343 – Up to 160mm (6)Trade 687 Class 2,160mm (6″) to 375mm (15mm) Includes 687 Class 3 Plus 375mm (15″),” including each 1,300 euros – There is also a legal fee for the conclusion of an agreement for very large sewers, usually in the region of £500. If you apply online, you can pay with your credit or debit card.

If you apply, you can send us a cheque with your application form to Thames Water Utilities Ltd. Make sure the site address is on the back of the cheque. You can also opt for credit or debit card payment. We will then contact you to make the payment over the phone. Each building control agency working under our “protocol” returns all cases where we need a more in-depth construction contract. In certain circumstances, we may issue a retroactive construction agreement if the work has already been done above or near a public sewer. This is only exceptionally the reason. In October 2011, new legislation was implemented on further housing improvements. All new home improvement projects must have made appropriate arrangements to ensure that the work has been approved by your local water management department. How are you going to deal with this new legislation? In this article, we have more information about sewers and how a CCTV stream study is needed for construction through the agreement.

How do you think that? Here is our complete guide to getting you home, sewers, and building chords… If permission is granted, your home must comply with the conditions set by the water service in order to be able to end the protection of the sewers concerned.

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