Contract Agreement Dcra

[16] When a licensee works for six months from the expiry date, the licensee is considered an unlicensed contractor and is held liable and sanctioned for costs and fines. [17] [28]Applicants for a DIY contractor`s license may submit it personally, online or by mail. For fees and forms: The license must be in effect at all relevant times. [46] No performance can be made in anticipation of a licence and the courts have decided that a licence acquired after the acquisition will not be recognised. To Cevern, Inc. v. Ferbish, 666 A.2d 17 (D.C. 1995), the contractor had applied for and approved a licence before entering into a contract with the owner and accepting its first payment of progress. The notification must state that you do not want the goods or services and must be shipped before midnight of the third business day following the signing of this agreement.

The message must be sent to the following address: _ _ (insert seller`s name and address) If you cancel, the seller cannot keep any of your cash payments. A DIY contractor`s licence may be refused, suspended or revoked by ACRD if all qualifications are not maintained.

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