Co-Counsel Agreement Sample

Fortunately, there are a few workout tips that can significantly reduce your exposure to the demands of co-counseling relationships if taken to heart. They are as follows. On the basis of these ethical rules, not only a lawyer working mainly in the field of personal injury law can participate, as co-counsel with another lawyer in another law firm, in the costs of personal injury, but also in lawyers working in the field of family law, criminal law, of real estate or another specialty may jointly represent a right to bodily injury and contribute to the contingency costs generated by the case. 2. The percentage of fees to be paid to the co-counsel shall not necessarily be proportional to the extent of the work done in the proceedings. In other words, a lawyer can receive 30%, 40% or even 50% of the tax in a case without having his name on the briefs or performing any of the “trial work”. Normally, the only role of our co-counsel in this matter is to maintain the relationship with the client. However, we recognize the importance of this role and understand that the distribution of royalties among Co-Counsel should reflect the value of this service. While co-counsel agreements are usually made in the best interests of the client, there are a number of ways to respond to a client. Below, a LAWYER from DC discusses these reactions and how each lawyer should discuss a possible co-counsel agreement with their client. “They were co-counsel in a case of severe liability where the client was paralyzed in the accident. After making numerous statements and preparing the case for trial, the case was resolved and I received a seven-figure royalty as part of the Co-Counsel agreement. It was a great result. » PPU.


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