Bca Agreement Definition

The health system faces the challenge of increasing the health expenditure needed to cover access to medical services made public in the event that the accumulated operating deficit persists, with only 35% of the total number of insured persons who have been paid to the compulsory health fund. In addition, the health system faces an insufficient number and an unfavourable age structure of health personnel and their exodus after Croatia`s accession to the European Union (EU). This two-year cooperation agreement (BCA) for Croatia supports the implementation of the Croatian National Health Strategy 2012-2020, the Strategic Human Resources Development Plan 2015-2020, the Strategic Plan for the Reduction of Excessive Salt Consumption, the National Diabetes Control Programme, the National Cancer Prevention and Control Programmes, of the National Occupational Health and Safety Programme for Health Professionals for the period 2015-20 20, National Programme for the Control of Antimicrobial Resistance and National Programme – Healthy Living. . . .

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